Services and Programs

Understanding Behavioral Health

In our work at Colorado Behavioral Health, we’ve observed firsthand how the term behavioral health often serves as an umbrella, encapsulating a broad spectrum of services aimed at assisting individuals with emotional, behavioral, and co-occurring disorders. It’s a realm that intertwines with various aspects of care to foster mental well-being and a balanced lifestyle.

Behavioral health care in Colorado Springs is designed to echo this comprehensive approach, addressing not just the psychological aspect but also the physical, ensuring a holistic path to recovery. Our programs, from residential treatment to outpatient care, are tailored to meet individuals wherever they are in their journey towards mental wellness.

Services and Programs

Our Range of Offerings

At Colorado Behavioral Health, we’ve developed a suite of programs to cater to the diversified needs of those seeking mental health support. Each service is crafted with care, ensuring we can offer personalized treatment paths that best suit the recovery needs of each individual.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Transitional Living
  • Alumni Program
  • Relapse Prevention

Our clinical services, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), are integral in addressing a wide spectrum of mental health conditions, from Anxiety to PTSD and beyond.

Co-occurring Disorders

Understanding the Complexity

One of the paramount aspects of behavioral health care Colorado Springs lies in addressing co-occurring disorders. This is a domain where mental health and substance use disorders intersect, presenting complex challenges for both individuals and therapists. At our center, we dedicate specialized care and resources to ensure that our clients receive the comprehensive support needed for lasting recovery.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

Our philosophy at Colorado Behavioral Health is that true recovery encompasses more than just addressing the symptoms. It’s about nurturing the whole person, which includes fostering physical health, psychological well-being, and emotional balance. Our treatment modalities are therefore broad-ranged, geared towards empowering our clients to rebuild their lives with resilience and hope.

Patient-Centered Care

The backbone of behavioral health care Colorado Springs is its focus on patient-centered care. This means that each individual’s treatment plan is as unique as their story. We strive to create an environment where every person feels seen, heard, and valued, ensuring that the path to recovery is a collaborative journey.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with each client, crafting a treatment plan that aligns with their personal goals, challenges, and aspirations. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatment but also empowers individuals to take an active role in their journey to wellness.

Embracing Community

In our mission to provide exemplary behavioral health care in Colorado Springs, we’ve learned the invaluable role of community. Recovery is not a journey taken in isolation. The support of fellow clients, therapists, and the broader community plays a pivotal role in the healing process. Our programs encourage community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Innovation in Treatment

Adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of mental health care is crucial. At Colorado Behavioral Health, we’re committed to integrating innovative treatment methods and technologies that enhance our service delivery and outcomes. From telemedicine to advanced theraputic modalities, our goal is to stay at the forefront of effective mental health care.

Looking Ahead

The Future of Behavioral Health Care in Colorado Springs

The journey of enhancing behavioral health care Colorado Springs is ongoing. As we look towards the future, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and cutting-edge care to those in need. We envision a future where access to quality mental health services is within reach for everyone, transforming lives and fostering a healthier community.

Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and holistic care positions us as leaders in the field of mental health. We invite those in search of support to reach out, and together, we can embark on a journey toward healing and hope.

Patient-Centered Care

What is the difference between mental health and behavioral health?

Behavioral health and mental health are often used interchangeably, but they have nuanced differences that are important to understand. Mental health focuses on the individual’s psychological state, encompassing emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It’s about how people think, feel, and behave. On the other hand, behavioral health extends to the impact of behaviors on one’s physical health and overall well-being, including habits related to nutrition, exercise, and substance use. At Colorado Behavioral Health, we see the value in addressing both aspects to support our clients fully. For instance, anxiety (a mental health condition) can lead to substance misuse (a behavioral health issue), so our approach is comprehensive, treating the mind and the behaviors together for a holistic recovery.

What falls under behavioral health?

Behavioral health covers a broad spectrum of services aimed at treating both mental health disorders and behaviors that can impact one’s health, such as substance abuse or eating disorders. Services typically include therapy for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, support for substance abuse and addiction, and programs to address behaviors that adversely affect one’s health. At Colorado Behavioral Health, this means offering a variety of services from Residential Treatment to Intensive Outpatient Programs, and specialized therapies like Dialectical Behavior Therapy, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Does Colorado have good mental health care?

Colorado, particularly in areas like Colorado Springs, is recognized for its progressive approach to mental health care. Facilities like ours at Colorado Behavioral Health are testament to the state’s commitment to providing high-quality, accessible mental health services. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of programs and an integrated approach to care that supports the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of individuals. Colorado’s mental health care system continues to evolve, focusing on innovation and patient-centered care, which positions it as a forward-thinking leader in the field.

What is a 72 hour hold in Colorado Springs?

In Colorado Springs, a 72-hour hold, also known as an M-1 hold, is a legal procedure used when an individual is considered to be a danger to themselves or others due to a mental health disorder. During this period, the person can be held in a treatment facility without their consent for evaluation and stabilization. It’s a critical intervention tool that allows mental health professionals to assess the individual’s needs and determine the most appropriate next steps for treatment. At Colorado Behavioral Health, although we don’t directly handle the initiation of 72-hour holds, we provide subsequent care and support for individuals needing continued treatment post-evaluation.

Why is a holistic approach to treatment important?

A holistic approach to treatment is vital as it recognizes the individual as a whole, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes even spiritual aspects of their well-being. It moves beyond just alleviating symptoms to addressing the root causes of mental health issues and promoting overall health. At Colorado Behavioral Health, we implement this by combining traditional therapies with lifestyle interventions that foster physical health, emotional balance, and social well-being. Such an approach ensures that all factors contributing to our clients’ health are considered, making recovery more sustainable.

How does Colorado Behavioral Health integrate innovation in treatment?

Integrating innovation into treatment is paramount to adapting to the ever-evolving understanding of mental health and effectively addressing our clients’ needs. At Colorado Behavioral Health, this means staying abreast of the latest research, adopting new therapeutic modalities like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy alongside proven methods such as CBT and DBT, and leveraging technology through telemedicine to enhance access to our services. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we can offer the most effective, personalized, and convenient care possible to those we serve.

What role does community play in recovery?

Community plays a pivotal role in the recovery process. The journey of healing is not one that should be taken in isolation. The support, understanding, and companionship provided by a community of peers, therapists, and the larger social network can significantly impact an individual’s path to recovery. At Colorado Behavioral Health, we emphasize community engagement through group therapy, support groups, and our Alumni Program to foster this sense of belonging. Sharing experiences and challenges with others who understand can offer comfort, motivation, and the reminder that one is not alone in their journey towards mental wellness.