A Healthy Community

At Colorado Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of community in the recovery process. That’s why our locations are carefully chosen to provide a supportive and enriching environment for our participants. Our facilities are located near various recreational opportunities, including hiking trails, parks, and outdoor activities that allow for physical exercise and connection with nature. We also have easy access to educational institutions and cultural venues, offering opportunities for community-based learning and personal growth. By engaging in these activities, our participants can gain valuable life skills and build a sense of independence that will support their long-term success.

Big Opportunities Available

Recovering from mental health disorders in Colorado offers many benefits, particularly due to its caring and supportive community. With access to various recreational and educational opportunities, individuals can engage in activities that promote personal growth and development. The beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities also provide a therapeutic environment for healing and reflection. Our facilities at Colorado Behavioral Health are located in strategic locations that allow our participants to take advantage of these opportunities for growth and healing. 

Our Trustworthy and Caring Team

We understand the importance of a supportive community in the recovery process, which is why we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment at our facilities. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each individual to provide personalized treatment plans and support throughout their journey towards wellness. We believe that surrounding oneself with a positive and understanding community is crucial for recovery, and we are committed to creating this type of community at Colorado Behavioral Health.

Treatment in Beautiful Colorado

Based in the scenic Colorado community, we offer reliable transitional living programs designed to support adults dealing with emotional, behavioral, and co-occurring disorders.

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Reviews for Colorado Behavioral Health Treatment Center

"I contacted Colorado Behavioral Health to support my brother with his substance abuse challenges and had an exceptional journey from start to finish. The team and services were excellent, showing professionalism and keeping me updated throughout. I highly recommend this facility."


"I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Colorado Behavioral Health. From the moment I reached out to them for help, they provided me with exceptional support and guidance. They truly listened to my needs and concerns and were able to find the perfect rehab center for me. The facility they recommended exceeded my expectations in terms of care, comfort, and compassion from the staff. I am forever grateful for the help and care I received from Colorado Behavioral Health.

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