Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization treatment program offers an excellent choice for individuals facing addiction challenges. The advantages of a PHP program for those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction are often underestimated. It offers intensive treatment while enabling individuals to stay at home and keep up with daily routines. PHP programs usually offer greater support than outpatient treatment, which can be particularly helpful for individuals dealing with severe substance abuse issues.

For those considering this option, they can participate in a PHP program at Colorado Behavioral Health.

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We Accept Health Insurance for Behavioral Health Treatment

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program? ( PHP)

Many individuals are interested in understanding the distinctions between a partial hospitalization program and a residential program for addiction treatment. Although both offer care, they differ, much like detox, inpatient programs, and rehab.

Engaging in outpatient treatment through PHP grants patients more autonomy and adaptability compared to being hospitalized or enrolled in a residential program. Patients can actively participate in addiction therapy and counseling sessions while maintaining their usual daily routines like work and family commitments. While PHP might suit some individuals, it may not be appropriate for everyone. If someone struggles to handle PHP independently, opting for a residential program that offers a stable and supportive setting with continuous assistance could be beneficial. Selecting a program tailored to one’s specific requirements and preferences is crucial.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Worth it?

PHP programs offer intensive programming seven days a week to support individuals in staying sober or managing psychiatric symptoms outside of residential care. PHP includes individual and group therapy alongside medication for symptom relief, aiding patients in recovery while keeping their regular weekly routine.

Research shows that those in PHP programs have better recovery results compared to outpatient therapy or no treatment. Completion of a PHP program reduces relapse risk and may decrease suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Studies also indicate enhanced psychological, emotional, and physical well-being for PHP participants.

Can Insurance Cover a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Colorado Behavioral Health accepts the majority of major insurance plans and private payments for addiction treatment and recovery. Our aim is to present optimal choices for attaining financial stability throughout the recovery process, recognizing the significance of cost.

At Colorado Behavioral Health, we assist in locating insurance-covered partial hospitalization programs (PHP) tailored to your requirements. Additionally, our admissions team can provide guidance on addiction treatment and insurance matters. Feel free to contact us for further details regarding eligibility criteria.

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We Accept Health Insurance for Behavioral Health Treatment

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