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With Colorado Behavioral Health, we understand that recovery is not a one-time event but a continuous journey. That’s why we have alumni programs in place to support our clients even after they complete their intensive outpatient rehab. Our programs recognize the importance of community integration for long-term success and offer continuing care and support as individuals transition through their recovery journey. Our dedicated alumni teams stay in touch with former clients, providing support and resources to help them maintain their sobriety and mental wellness. We also invite them to events and celebrate the milestones they achieve in their recovery journey.

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What is the Alumni Program?

Alumni programs are an essential component of the addiction recovery process, as they offer ongoing support and guidance to individuals who have completed intensive outpatient or residential treatment programs. These programs serve as a safety net during the transition back into everyday life, providing former clients with a sense of community and resources to help maintain their sobriety.

Alumni programs also play a crucial role in preventing relapse, as they offer a support system and tools to help individuals cope with the challenges of daily life without turning back to substance use. They also provide opportunities for continued growth and personal development, helping individuals in recovery build a fulfilling and successful life beyond addiction. At Colorado Behavioral Health, our Alumni Programs are an integral part of our comprehensive approach to recovery, ensuring that our clients have the ongoing support they need to thrive in their sobriety journey.

Why Use the Alumni Program?

An alumni program can offer support to individuals struggling with addiction in various ways. For instance, it enables them to connect with other alumni who comprehend the challenges of recovery. This connection fosters meaningful relationships that counteract the isolation often experienced by individuals early in recovery. Moreover, a robust alumni network provides assistance during tough times or setbacks, offering resources to aid individuals in regaining their footing.

Moreover, alumni programs present learning and growth opportunities through workshops, seminars, and other educational activities. These opportunities allow individuals in recovery to continue their self-discovery journeys and enhance the essential life skills needed to maintain sobriety. Additionally, many alumni programs organize enjoyable social events like outdoor excursions and holiday festivities, which can offer a pleasant diversion from the recovery process’s stress and anxiety. Establishing an alumni program can support individuals in recovery in staying committed to lifelong sobriety.

How do Alumni Programs Support Individuals?

An alumni program designed for individuals dealing with addiction offers extensive support throughout their journey to recovery. This support may involve connecting them with a network of peers for moral support, guidance, and empathy; providing specialized counseling services focusing on addiction treatment and post-recovery care; offering resources for medical needs like doctor consultations, medications, and inpatient or outpatient therapy; assisting with employment training, job placement, housing, and legal matters. These programs also aid recovering individuals in maintaining their recovery progress by creating relapse prevention strategies, engaging in emotional wellness activities, and participating in workshops promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, many alumni programs organize regular meetings and events where recovering individuals can share experiences, connect with successful alumni, commemorate their milestones of sobriety, and access educational materials.

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We Accept Health Insurance for Behavioral Health Treatment

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